Why Secuplus

LANCS cc t/a SecuPlus is a South African company formed in 1994 to manufacture and distribute a unique range of security products that provide a physical layer of protection for your computers. We have a 20-year track record of providing quality products, with a strong focus on effective and efficient service. Our clients include large companies, SMEs, banks, mines, insurance companies, government offices, computer manufacturers and suppliers, schools and universities. Some of our customers have been using our products for more than 15 years.

The range includes Anti-Theft systems and Theft Deterrence systems, and it can provide a complete security system for all your valuable assets. The various systems are supplied with all installation materials and instructions.

Why Choose Us?
Even with security alarms and armed response, loss of equipment still occurs because most security solutions are reactive. SecuPlus products prevent theft by physically locking equipment in place. We have:

  • The most extensive range of physical security solutions in Sub-Sahara Africa;
  • The ability to provide the same key more than 10 years after purchase, and
  • A replacement guarantee on our entire product range should any part be defective.

The added benefit of a physical security system that targets each workstation individually, is effective asset management. If equipment cannot be moved, management can easily account for assets. No more mix and match by users; no more moving around; no more blaming others for misplacement; no more dreading audits.

When considering the cost-versus-benefit of additional physical security for your equipment, remember to include the implications of down-time, customer delays, replacement costs, increased insurance premiums and data loss.

Securing your equipment is an investment. Choose SecuPlus for maximum protection and excellent service!